Monthly Meetings

Click on one of the links below to obtain a copy of the Monthly Meeting Guide that was in the participants’  respective binders at their Orientation.

Monthly Meetings_Cohort 5

Monthy Meetings Cohort 6

Click on the follow ling to download a guide to use with your participants to prepare them for the Orienation:
Pre-Orientation Meeting With Participants


The following chart provides information for monthly meetings between campus coordinators and their ICP participants. Click on the link for the appropriate cohort and month to download the meeting guideline for that month. Coordinators should feel free to adjust the schedule and topics to accommodate the needs and schedules of the participants.

Cohort 6

Cohort 7

(#10) September 2014  Review of Summer and Project (#1) August/September 2014–Post-Orientation
(#11) October 2014–Workshop 5: Catholicism (#2) Oct.  2014–ICP 510: Ignatius The Spiritual Administrator (Note: This is a review of the workshop the participants completed prior to Orientation.
(#12) November 2014– Pulling it all Together (#3) November 2014–ICP 520: Ignatian Humanism
(Note: This was a workshop that was completed in the month of October.)
(#13) December 2014–Capstone Preparation (#4) Dec. 2014-Jan. 2015-Project Planning
(#14) Jan.-Feb. 2015– Post-Program Debriefing (#5) Feb. 2015-Immersion or Retreat Preparation/Follow Up
(#6) March 2015: Mission Project Discussions
(#7) April_2015–Discuss ICP 530: Faith, Secularity, and Jesuit Education
(#8) May-June 2015–Immersion or Retreat; Discuss Summer Plans
(#9) July/August 2015: Workshop 4 on Faith and Justice
(#10) September 2015  Program Integration
(#11) October 2015–Workshop 5: Catholicity in Catholic Education
(#12) November/December 2014: Capstone Preparation
(#13) February 2016–Post-Capstone Meeting
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