Online Workshops

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As of June 2010, the online workshops are housed on Gonazaga University’s Blackboard server. Because of this change, coordinators may need to update their “bookmarks” in case they have the old Jesuitnet Blackboard server stored.

Coordinators are enrolled in their own section of online workshops so they have access to the learning materials that the participants are using.

Beginning with Cohort 3, there will only be one Blackboard “course” for each cohort. The course will be subdivided into separate folders, one for each of the six workshops. This change, should significantly reduce the number of “courses” that appear on coordinator’s Blackboard account and should make it easier for people to keep track of what is going on for each cohort.

To access blackboard, please navigate to the website below. Your user name will be your first initial.your last name (i.e., “j.defeo”). Your password has been given to you previously. Contact¬†Joe DeFeo¬†if you need assistance retrieving it.

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