Ignatian Colleagues Program

Over 250 participants from 27 different Jesuit institutions have participated in one of the first six cohorts  of the Ignatian Colleagues Program (ICP).

Participants are nominated for an upcoming cohort by the president of their institution and are invited to register for the program, which generally begins the third week of July and lasts eighteen months. Typically, program participants are tenured faculty leaders, chairs, directors, deans, or vice presidents who, by virtue of their position and experience are capable of advancing the institution’s mission in light of its Jesuit identity.  See below to access lists of past and current participants.  Recruiting for cohort 7, the Orientation for which is July 22-26,  is now underway.

Roster and positions for Cohort 1

Roster and positions for Cohort 2

Roster and positions for Cohort 3

Roster and positions for Cohort 4

Roster and Positions for Cohort 5 

Roster and positions for Cohort 6

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