The following is a summary of requirements involved  in the Ignatian Colleagues Program (ICP).  Potential participants are encouraged to discuss the program with past or current participants on their campus or in their AJCU conference.

Required books for ICP Workshops:

An Ignatian Spirituality Reader, George W. Traub, SJ, Loyola Press 2008

A Jesuit Education Reader, George W. Traub, SJ, Loyola Press 2008

Involvement in the ICP generally involves participation in:

  1. A four-day Orientation Experience outside of Chicago at the end of July.
  2. A series of 6 online workshops, four that are taken together at the pace of one workshop per semester (and over the ensuing summer) and two “self-paced” workshops that occur at the beginning and end of the program in preparation for the Orientation and Capstone Experiences, respectively.  Each workshop involves approximately 10-12 hours of work over the course of a month. Workshops taken together involve two 75-minute teleconferences arranged well in advance with one’s learning group.
  3. A series of monthly meetings with the campus coordinator.
  4. A weeklong international immersion experience to a developing country with peers (offered either by the ICP or one’s own campus).*
  5. An experience of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, either in a weeklong format at a retreat house or a 19th Annotation format on or near one’s own campus.* The ICP sponsors the Magis National Retreat each June Chicago.
  6. A two-day Summer Workshop in Chicago approximately one-year into the process
  7. A “mission-project” that involves the application of program material to a project directly related to one’s work.
  8. A four-day Capstone Experience at the end of the program at the beginning of January.


*If one has participated in a qualifying international experience or a significant experience of The Exercises, she or he is not required to repeat the experience but will be invited to deepen it and integrate it into their program experience through further reflection.

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